Two of Arien's most unique features are her blue eyes and auburn hair.

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Megan & Liz - In The Shadows Tonight (Audio)


Arien was often told she looked nothing like the rest of her family.


Arien Undomiel, her name meaning Queen of Flame, is the youngest of Lord Elrond's children and Elentari Undomiel's sister. Arien blessed Arien Undomiel with the gift of flame when she was born (I know they aren't supposed to have powers but this is different. She wasn't born with it, she was blessed with it.)

Name(s): Arien, Ari (by Losswen)

Race: Elf

Home(s): Rivendell, Minas Tirath, Rohan, Later becomes a wanderer

Status: Alive

Weapon: Silver daggers and a silver bow

Gender: Female

Hair: Auburn/Red, wavy or braided

Eyes: Blue

Companion and Friends: Legolas Greenleaf (companion), Losswen/Aewen Greenleaf (best friend), Gweawen/Glineth Greenleaf (best friend), Elentari Undomiel (best sister and friend)

Early LifeEdit

Arien grew up alongside her two sisters, Arwen and Elentari, in Rivendell. During her early years she was sheltered and protected by her father. Being the youngest child, she got a lot of unwanted attention. She doesn't remember much about her mother because her mother died days after Arien was born. Growing up she was very close to Arwen, her and Elentari had a bit of a friendly rivalry. 

Arien craved adventure even at a very young age, Arwen taught the young elf how to ride horses when she was only 400. Arien also gained a love of archery at a young age when her family visited with Thrandiull's. 

Personality and Relationship With Her SisterEdit

Arien is what most people would call a firecracker, with her spunky attitude, you don't want to get into an argument with her. At the same time she's very naive. She even admits that to herself before the battle at Helm's Deep. She may act like she doesn't care but inside she really does. Being one of the youngest elves in The Fellowship makes things hard for her. 

Her relationship with her sister strengthens through out the journey. They have a few rocky moments but they both know that they'll do anything for eachother.

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