Flaws - Bastille (Lyrics)

Flaws - Bastille (Lyrics)

Amanda seyfried

Elentari Undomiel is Arien Undomiel and Arwen Undomiel's middle sister. 

Name(s): Elentari, El (by her sister), Star (by Rinorin)

Race: Elf

Home(s): Rivendell, Minas Tirath (for a couple days)

Status: Deceased

Weapon: Elven daggers and a small bow

Gender: Female

Hair: Soft golden waves

Eyes: Grey-green

Companion and Friends: Rinorin Hlarr (companion), Gweawen/Glineth Greenleaf (best friend), Losswen/Aewen Greenleaf (best friend), Arien Undomiel (best friend and sister)

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