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'Forever' and the sequel, 'Eternity' (which is still being written) are two Lord Of The Rings fan fictions written on the popular writing website, Wattpad, by four girls. This is just a way to tell your more about the characters and their personalities.

Story LineEdit

  • Disclaimer: All rights go to JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson*

Daughter's of Elrond, Elentari and Arien had lived in Rivendell their whole life, never being allowed to go any further than a few miles from home. When the chance to escape arises, they- well, more like Arien- takes it. They are instantly thrown into a whirlwind of life-or-death situations. Things get even more confusing when they meet two other elves. Gweawen and Losswen are sisters with a secret past. Gweawen feels a strange connection with one of the members of the fellowship and is determined to figure out why.

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